A new concept in Eco-Adventures located on the beautiful Dart River delta near Glenorchy.

Take charge of our amazing 4WD vehicles and let the on-board computer guide you along the wilderness trail in comfort, safety and silence!

Ideal for small groups, families and couples, each self drive vehicle carries up to three people.


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What better way to see this amazing place.


Our Mission

"Find a way to allow visitors of all ages access to this unique wilderness area without impact on the environment.
Have fun, learn, and enjoy the freedom to explore, in complete safety."


Explore the Dart River Delta, Near Glenorchy

Delta Discovery, near Glenorchy

100% Freedom

Take charge of our electric 4WD off road vehicles, loaded with interactive GPS technology and explore this pristine wilderness at your own pace.

Delta Discovery, near Glenorchy

100% Eco-Friendly

Discover the area's surprising wildlife, history and geology, while enjoying the breathtaking scenery used in some of New Zealand's most iconic movies.

Delta Discovery, Glenorchy

0% Emissions

Our 4WD electric vehicles carry up to 3 people in comfort and are fitted with an interactive, multi-lingual GPS guidance system, so you can find out more about the area as you travel.

Delta Discovery, Near Glenorchy

100% Fun

Tours start 10:00am & 2:00pm daily or by request. We will provide a pre-tour safety briefing before you head out onto the Dart River delta. Allow two hours.

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